4-in-1 EMS facial microcurrent light therapy wand


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Outstanding features: 1. LED red light, hot compress, vibration, EMS micro current; 2. Magnetic charging, convenient for technological sense; 3. High-gloss beveled bottom, textured; 4. Breathing light charging prompt, fashionable and modern; 5. Massage The head can be rotated 90°, providing an additional way of lifting and beautifying.

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Why care for the eye area? Busy work schedules, long hours in front of screens causing sore, dry eyes, or poor sleep leading to eye puffiness. Staying up late binge-watching shows can also cause fine lines around your eyes. Eye care prepares you in advance; don't let your eye area reveal your age!

This eye care device is designed for delicate eye areas and is our patented product, recognized and certified by various experts. We encourage people to try non-invasive solutions before considering surgery. This is especially important for young people, so our device helps in anti-aging without any harm.



After comparing their 60-day usage, why do customers continue to use it? They have seen real results


I got this to help my skin and I’m pretty impressed. It charges easily and has several light modes. It’s fun to massage my face and I use the red light the most but I can see a difference in my skin and pores already. I love that it was a reasonable price and I gifted to my sister too! Would definitely recommend.

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Did in fact see differences in the appearance of my skin after using and could have almost over used because results were great to me. Just caution on that cause it is light and heat treatment so stay on an every other day timing. And good price. Good, length charge.


Had read so much about these that I wanted to give it a try. This was an affordable option. Not sure if the results are notable yet but I’ll keep using it for a while.


I love the product very small, easy to use and not so heavy. Love the product worth the money.



All certifications for this product, recognized for its quality by various experts


This product has multiple types of patents

Bare metal net weight: 28g
Charging voltage: 5V
Material: PC plastic + metal
Battery capacity: 350MA lithium battery
Charging method: USB magnetic charging
Charging indication mode: breathing light flashes
Charging time: 2H
Main functions: nutrient introduction, reducing eye wrinkles, delaying facial aging
Product standard configuration: host, magnetic charging cable, packaging box, manual
Product size: 151*15.5*14.5mm
Appearance process: sandblasting and oxidation Color: pink, lavender








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    Outstanding features: 1. LED red light, hot compress, vibration

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