Will the skin treatment device overdraw collagen?

As someone who's pretty mindful about my skin, I initially had this question: If beauty devices stimulate collagen regeneration, could they potentially deplete the activity of collagen? If the stimulation from these devices does lead to collagen depletion, how long does it take for this to happen, and how severe are the effects on the skin?

So, I consulted my dermatologist. She explained that collagen levels aren't fixed; as we age, our skin's natural production of collagen decreases, and it often needs external stimulation to kickstart regeneration. Stimulate it a bit, and it responds; leave it alone, and it stays stagnant. There's no scenario where you can "overdraw" collagen, she assured me. So, I've been using these devices confidently. If you've also asked your doctor about this, you'll know what I'm saying is true.

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